While Oversharing

A few remarks on my social media experiments:

I think differently. My look on life doesn’t have a long arc when my brain is jacked up on social media. My interaction with events concentrates on the punch line, the instant meme–a momentary reward from an audience in whom you may or may not have an investment. Even when looking for insight (like in this entry) it must be well and tightly packaged or it gets lost. 

Gone are the long discoveries, traveling for days in a region of the world until a grand idea comes into focus. The mind churning slowly on all the stimuli–not jumping to conclusions, absorbing, still. 

I probably reveal a preference for the second way of approaching life.  I’m trying not to let that cloud my judgment until I find a solid argument either way–which, ironically, may take more time and an open mind.

 And there might be my answer. 

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